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1 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS It's no secret COVID19 has had a huge impact on small businesses, so it's more important than ever to shop local. President of the retailers sub-committee in the Bairnsdale Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Annemieke Jongsma, has owned The Book Orchard since the beginning of the year and has noticed how COVID has changed how small businesses operate. "COVID is impacting in different ways like staff shortages which makes it difficult to keep up with demand," Annemieke said. "The streets have been dead for so long." Annemieke explained the importance of businesses uniting in tough times. "We all need to be open," Annemieke said. "We need to jump on board and promote businesses as well as other retailers." Tiffany Hatton, from the Bairnsdale Emporium, says local trade has been a big help in keeping the business afloat. "It's been a tough time, but the local people have been really supportive, other businesses too," Tiffany said. "We've been lucky, you see other businesses along the main street that have closed, and you feel pretty sad." Despite businesses shutting down, Tiffany remains optimistic trade will increase after the colder months. "We're hopeful costs will stabilise and tourists will return to our region," Tiffany said. This month's East Gippsland News NOW magazine focuses on promoting our local businesses. Included in this issue is a map of Shop Local businesses in the area, along with seven pages of Shop Local advertising, which supports small town establishments. Spend $20 or more at one of the participating businesses and you go in the draw to win vouchers which are drawn weekly. Local keeping it “Shopping is pawsome!” local

2 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Enjoy two nights accommodation in a king room for two guests, at Metung Waters THIS FABULOUS HOLIDAY GETAWAY FOR TWO VALUED AT $330! 9 Kurnai Ave, Metung, Vic, 3904 T (03) 5156 2166 F (03) 5156 2176 E metungwaters@bigpond.com www.metungwaters.com.au #"�" !# HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS Fill out & sendme in for your chance to win! To win this fantastic holiday prize, simply fill in this coupon, mark to East Gippsland Now Competition and post to: PO Box 465, Bairnsdale 3875 or drop in to one of our offices: Bairnsdale Advertiser: 65 Macleod Street, Bairnsdale VIC 3875 Lakes Post: 505 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance VIC 3909 Orbost Snowy River Mail: 122 Nicholson Street, Orbost VIC 3888 Name: .......................................................................................................................... Address: ..................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................ Email:........................................................................................................................... Phone:......................................................................................................................... Entries close: 4:45pmWednesday, August 27, 2022. Drawn 5pm the same day. Names will be published in our next East Gippsland Now edition. *Conditions apply: See manager for conditions. Prize is subject to availability. Valid for 12 months. Excludes Christmas, Easter and public holiday periods. Your contact details will only be used by East Gippsland Newspapers. They will not be passed on to a third party. I would like to receive promotional emails about upcoming competitions Contents Page 1 Keeping It Local Page 3 Mountain Bike Excitement Page 4 -5 Take A Step Back In Time Page 6 -7 Finals Footy Fever Page 8 - 4 Shop Local Feature Page 16 Get The Heart Pumping Page 18 - 19 Legends Of The Trade Page 20 GeezerS Bring The Goon Show Page 21 Welcome To The Rainforest Page 22 Food Mood Page 23 Get A Sugar Rush Page 24 See South East Exhibit NOW Page 25 Pet Of The Year Winners Page 26 Brain Boosters Page 27 Colouring Competition Kai Ellison - Leading Edge Computers Mark Hopley - Potted Pear Bri Freshwater - Style & Co Anthony Scott - Bairnsdale Tatts Annemieke Jongsma - The Book Orchard Matt Arnold - East Gippsland Newspapers HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS HOLIDAY WIN VOUCHERS Matt Arnold Advertising Consultants 0429 573 977 sales@yeatesmedia.com.au Tilly Richardson Advertising Consultants 0400 995 970 tilly@yeatesmedia.com.au Contact us for more information on how to be involved in East Gippsland News Now. Locally Printed & Produced by PRINTING Congratulations to Lilli Graham, of Sale, the winner of our August holiday competition. Lilli, you have won a fabulous getaway for two valued at $330 at the MetungWaters Motel, Apartments and Day Spa Front PageMention EN1743

3 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Mountain bike excitement East Gippsland is more than just beaches, farming and High Country exploring. Cycling, and specifically, mountain bike riding, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Omeo is set to benefit from the development of its very own expansive MTB park, in which a popular pump track has already been developed. However, at the heart of the region, Mount Taylor is already home to a popular and challenging course which has featured in numerous state and national events and leisurely rides in recent years. Exciting additions and upgrades in 2019 saw almost 30 kilometres of tracks developed. There are nine tracks – Flow Trail (2.9km), Loosen Up (925m), Milky Way Track (1km), Mount Taylor All Mountain Track (3.9km), Mount Taylor DH double black diamond rated due to it's fast paced and technical nature, 1.7km), Southern Cross (8.3km), The Big Emu (4.9km, 335m climb), Time to Drop (795m) and Tip Run (901m) - with a total descent of 121kms. Specialist contractors, Dirt Art, sculpted a new three and a half kilometre 'Flow Track' from the top to bottom and extended the Southern Cross cross-country track by five kilometres. Built to make it fun and chal lenging with lots of jumps, gaps and b e r m e d cor ne r s , this work has made the tracks more sustainable and provide variety and options for riders. There's a track for walkers and trail runners too, challenging the fittest foot-soldiers: a five-kilometre return track built to ensure keen hill climbers have a dedicated facility. The track is rated difficult. There are picnic facilities and track infrastructure, information signs, beginners 'skill track' and an advanced jump line. Certied for quality, safety and environment Find out more: www.battbrothers.com Email us: kyle@battbrothers.com Prompt & Professional tree Services. ❱ Tree Pruning & Removals ❱ Slashing ❱ Weed Management ❱ Forestry Mulching EN1749

4 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 TAKE A STEP BACK IN TIME Follow the track of the Gunaikurnai people when you explore the Bataluk Cultural Trail. The Bataluk Cultural Trail runs along significant traditional routes used by the Gunaikurnai for thousands of years. With the mountains to the north and the lakes and ocean to the south, the path which is now the South Gippsland and Princes Highways formed the back bone of the network of trails and trading routes which stretched across the region. Initiation rites for young Gunaikurnai men and women in East Gippsland in the past involved passing through a number of stages. Initiation ceremonies were important events attended by all clans, and would last for five days. Passing the initiation process was only granted when participants had reached an appropriate level of commitment and readiness. Your journey along the Bataluk Cultural Trail involves a similar process, and can be experienced in a number of ways. You can travel from one end of the trail to other, or select from the list of sites, whichever suits your own interests. As you explore the trail and its significant sites, you will be introduced to many aspects of Gunaikurnai life. For a variety of reasons such as environmental or historical sensitivity, some sites in the region are not appropriate for unrestricted access by members of the general public. So ensure you treat all sites along the trail with respect and care to ensure they are preserved for future generations. 1. WHITEWOMAN’SWATER HOLE Local legend tells a story set in the 1840’s where a young woman, the sole survivor of a shipwreck off Ninety Mile Beach was taken and held captive by the local tribe of Bratwoloong, one of the five clans of the Gunaikurnai who inhabited a part of Gippsland. The story developed a life of its own, spawning various myths. The woman, who may never have existed, was never found. This story is believed to have been used to justify the killing of many Aboriginal people, particularly the Gunaikurnai. Massacres of the Gunaikurnai, led by Angus McMillan, occurred at Nuntin, Boney Point, Butchers Creek, Maffra and other locations across Gippsland. The White Woman’s Waterhole commemorates the tragedy of this story. 2. SALEWETLANDS For the Gunaikurnai people, the wetlands were like a supermarket, with a variety of plants and birds at their fingertips. To find these resources, take a walk around Lake Guthridge to the Sale Common Boardwalks You can reach the wetlands either through Lake Guthridge, which is beside the Princes Highway/ South Gippsland Highway intersection in Sale, or by turning off the South Gippsland Highway about one kilometre out of town. Further information can be found at the Sale visitor information centre. 3. KNOB RESERVE See the scar trees where bark was removed to make canoes, food bowls and shelters at the Knob Reserve The area was traditionally a common ground for the five clans of the Gunaikurnai, where they would travel for days to hold meetings, share information, trade goods and practice cultural ceremonies.It was also used in the 19th and 20th centuries to maintain connections with family when they became separated during the mission era. The reserve demonstrates the living culture of the Gunaikurnai people in both the present and the past. The Knob Reserve is a small but important site on Brayakaulung Country, about three kilometres from Stratford. 4. RAMAHYUCK CEMETERY A short drive out of Stratford in Perry Bridge is the Ramahyuck cemetery which rests within the Tatungooloong area, occupying most of the Gippsland Lakes. Although very little remains of Ramahyuck Mission Station today, the story behind it remains prevalent today. In the early 1860s the Moravian missonary, Frederick Hagenauer established amission station on the Avon River near Lake Wellington. At Ramahyuck the Gunaikurnai gave up their freedom and culture for (as the Europeans saw it) protection, food and Christianity. Nowadays, only the cemetery is left on the more than 2000 acre property on what was once the Ramahyuck Mission Station. Its is asked you do not walk on the graveyard, as you may be walking over many unmarked grave sites. 5. DEN OF NARGUN Nestled deep in the Mitchell River National Park you’ll find the Den of Nargun. The Nargun is a large female creature who lives in a cave behind a waterfall in the Mitchell River, and is a place of great cultural significance to the Gunaikurnai people, especially women Campfire stories were told about how the Nargun would abduct children who wandered off on their own. Traditionally Gunaikurnai men were not allowed down into the Den of Nargun, respecting this law and still do today. Please show your respect for this special place by not entering the cave. The walk into the Den takes about 15 minutes each way, or 45 minutes as a circuit walk via the Mitchell River. Please note there are some steep sections along the walk.

5 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 6. THE KEEPING PLACE The Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place, located in Bairnsdale, preserves and shares the Gunaikurnai peoples’ history, aiming to build a better understanding of Aboriginal culture and heritage. Visitors can learn, understand and appreciate this history through either a guided or self-guided tour of the museum which displays a variety of exhibits including traditional hunting and fighting weapons, bark canoes, fishing spears and boomerangs. 7. HOWITT PARK Not only does Howitt Park feature a playground and well-known yellow slide, but it’s also a site of deep Indigenous significance. Howitt Park is located on Brabawooloong Country, and is home to a canoe tree. The tree grows beside the Mitchell River and has a long, canoe-shaped scar from where the bark was peeled away from the tree. It is believed to be around 170 years old, and is protected under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. 8. LEGEND ROCK Take a stroll around Bancroft Bay along the Metung boardwalk, taking in Legend Rock, a meteorite entrenched in Gunaikurnai mythology. As the story goes, greedy fishermen who ate more than their fill of the day’s catch were turned into rocks. There were originally three rocks, however two were destroyed during road construction works in the 1960’s. 9. BUCHAN CAVES Discover 18,000 years of Aboriginal history in Buchan, featuring some of the oldest cave artifacts in south-east Australia. The caves are of Australia’s most spectacular, rich in colour and adorned with pools and a latticework of towers. Traditionally, Gunaikurnai people did not venture into the caves - there were many stories and the wicked and mischievous Nylos which lived in the caves. 10. BURNT BRIDGE RESERVE Located down a turn-off from the Princes Highway between Lakes Entrance and Nowa Nowa, the Burnt Bridge Reserve is situated adjacent to land belonging to Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust. Here, you can find the many plants the Gunaikurnai people used to make medicine, food, woven baskets, tools and weapons. 11. SALMON ROCKS AND CAPE CONRAN Uncover 10,000 years of history along East Gippsland’s stunning coastline at Salmon Rocks and Cape Conran. This part of the coast contained an abundance of food for the Gunaikurnai, with many important sites along the Cape Conran shoreline. This area is also near the traditional border of the lands of the Gunaikurnai and the Bidawal and Monero people, serving as an ideal meeting place for these groups. To get there, turn south off the Princes Highway at Orbost to Marlo, then take the Conran Road east. ASPHALTING & BITUMEN SEALING CRANES “Delivering Tomorrows Infrastructure” -Civil Construction -Road Maintenance -Asphalt Surfacing -Bitumen Sealing -Bitumen slurrys and acrylics -Line marking of -Driveways -CarparKs -Sports Courts - Streetscapes -Subdivisional -Road Works Rest assured, as an East Gippsland family-owned business, we will continue to offer the same personalized service and quality outcomes that has seen our organization grow and succeed since Dennis & Patricia started it way back in 1975 In these busy times we continue to be supported by our group of resource -based businesses that compliment our existing operations and service delivery There’s no doubt that over the past 2 years we have all undergone unprecedented change in our lives, society and businesses But with change sometimes comes opportunity! Thats why after 47 years of a brand that served us so well, we are changing as well. We’re adopting a new brand that we believe truly represents the services that we offer the people of Eastern Victoria and southeast NSW today

6 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Following two years without handing out premiership trophies, barring a COVID catastrophe, 2022 will see a return of of football and netball silverware across the region. With the 2020 season abandoned and 2021 scuppered by COVID lockdown on the verge of finals, it has been a long wait for finals action and competition in local leagues is expected to be fierce. The Omeo District Football Netball League is poised for an exciting crescendo with all top four teams capable of claiming ultimate glory. Kicking off with the elimination semi final on August 6, the season will close with four weeks of finals action culminating in the grand final at Omeo. The league's last premier, Bruthen, will not contest the finals, meaning a new champion will be crowned. Lindenow South is favoured to take the premiership cup, however will have to stave off a plucky Swan Reach which has improved markedly as the season has wore on. In fact, the Swans upset the Swampies on their way to a top two finish. High Country clubs, Omeo Benambra and Swifts Creek, round out the top four and despite not earning the finals double chance both teams are equally capable of winning their way through to a grand final and causing a grand final boilover. For many years the Omeo District league's premier has almost been a foregone conclusion heading into finals. Not this season - it's anyone's premiership. Who will take their chances - the Swampies, Swans, Alpine Ranges or Demons? Time will tell. In stark contrast, in East Gippsland football there appears to be only one question - can anyone beat Wy Yung? The youthful Tigers have rollicked to the top of the ladder, the team showing little sign of weakness under experienced premiership coach, Doug Vickers, who has implemented a free-flowing game plan complemented by high skill level. Wy Yung's fast pace has been unstoppable at Tigerland, a ground with similar dimensions to Bairnsdale City Oval, where all finals will be played. The question of who the Tigers take on in week one of finals is still to be answered with the chasing pack stumbling and regaining its feet time and again. 2019 premier, Lindenow, and the consistent Stratford, appear set for finals berths, while Lucknow, Paynesville and Lakes Entrance are battling it out for the last spot in the top four, all still with realistic chances of finals action. Finals fever hits after two years FINALS ODFNL Saturday, August 6: First semi final, at Swifts Creek. Saturday, August 13: Second semi final, at Buchan. Saturday, August 20: Preliminary final, at Lindenow South. Saturday, August 27: Grand final, at Omeo. EGFNL Saturday, August 20: Second semi final, at Bairnsdale City Oval. Sunday, August 21: First semi final, at Bairnsdale City Oval. Saturday, August 27: Preliminary final, at Bairnsdale City Oval. Saturday, September 3: Grand final, at Bairnsdale City Oval. GIPPSLAND LEAGUE Saturday, August 27: Qualifying final. Sunday, August 28: Elimination final. Saturday, September 3: Second semi final. Sunday, September 4: First semi final. Saturday, September 10: Preliminary final. Saturday, September 17: Grand final. Boisdale Briagolong - the only team to beat Wy Yung this season - will not feature in the finals. The East Gippsland grand final will be held on Saturday, September 3. Omeo District netball's top four is also but set with Lindenow South and Bruthen the most likely grand final combatants. Omeo Benambra and Buchan will also be vying for premiership glory, however will struggle to break into the grand final given the form of the Swampies and Bulldogs. Similarly, East Gippsland netball is led by Wy Yung and it's a matter of can the chasing pack close the gap. Boisdale Briagolong, Lakes Entrance and Stratford are in the mix, however it will tale something special to defeat the unstoppable Tigers. In the Gippsland League, Bairnsdale is poised for finals berths in the under 16s, 18s and reserves, while the senior team has its sights set on a big 2023 after reappointing coach, Logan Austin. On the netball court the Redlegs will feature in the 13 and under finals, meanwhile the 15 and under and "B" grade sides will be fighting for a top five finish. Gippsland League's finals conclude on Saturday, September 17. EN4754

7 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 of COVID failures EN3239 0493 110 805 | office@pollardaccounting.com.au Riviera Plaza Shop 7/80 Main St, Bairnsdale EN3661 Like us at Pollard Accounting ONLY $99 You can now book your appointment with David or Kylie online! FOR A SALARY & WAGES TAX RETURN www.pollardaccounting.com.au

8 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 OFF ALL % 10 BETWEEN 20th/26th AUG BOOK WEEK INSIDE OF A DOG IT’S TOO DARK TO READ OUTSIDE OF A BOOK IS A MANS BEST FRIEND CHILDREN’S BOOKS 166 Main Street, Bairnsdale tbobairnsdalesales@gmail.com 5152 5181 DURING P: 5152 6945 F: 5152 6974 9/30 Howitt Avenue, Eastwood Shopping Centre, Bairnsdale EN4356 Delivery Available Visit our website or give us a call for more details CREATE LOCAL JOBS Why Shop Local Show your faith in local business - buy local, buy regularly, keep people in jobs and create others.

9 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Mobile In-Chair TeethWhitening Performed by a registered dental hygienist 0481 189 311 E gippslandwhitesmiles@outlook.com Call us today on: EN4354 Present this ad to get $20 off your teeth whitening session We are a mobile service to make the process easy and covenient by coming to you. • Your session comes with a FREE take home maintenance whitening kit. • Any bridal parties who book in will also receive a FREE in-chair colour boost before the big day. Available Here Anti-Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment • One bottle treats 150 gallons to -10F Wide range of: • Snow chains • Diesel fuel treatments • Anti freeze • Windscreen wipers • Anti fog treatments • Bowden’s Own Melt Down snow removing spray Everything Snow for your vehicles road trip Diesel Winter Fuel Formula • Prevents wax gel formation • Inhibits fuel line freeze $2499 EACH EN4620 $3199 EACH T H E M I T C H E L L R I V E R TAV E R N To make reservations call us on 5152 4030 MAIN STREET, Bairnsdale 59 Come and join us! new full menu oPen for lunch and dinner monday-Sunday $16lunch menuavailable Monday - Friday only DINNER STARTING FROM 5PM EN4619 L CAL EastGippsland Shop Spend over $20 at one of these participating businesses and you could WIN! Simply by shopping local INDIRECT SUPPORT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE Why Shop Local Why Shop Local Small town businesses often use local businesses for their products, or work in partnership for various community causes or simply for the benefit of their fellow businesses. Your dollar may have an impact in multiple businesses. You may find you will experience much better customer service in smaller, local businesses, particularly when dealing directly with the store owner.

10 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Your one stop shop for bearings, tools and industrial supplies. Specialising in all forms of bearings and stocking your favourite brands. Come down to 1 Rovan Place Bairnsdale or give us a call on 5152 1580 www.bairnsdalebearings.com.au Tattslotto Bairnsdale SYNDICATES AVAILABLE Great Gift Selections 2 Bailey St, Bairnsdale Phone: 5152 5052 E: ajscott12@bigpond.com EN4762 Gamble responsibly. 137 Main St, Bairnsdale Ph: 5152 5636 www.lecomputers.com.au PROUDLY SUPPORTING LOCALS FOR 20 YEARS RESELLER THE WIRELESS HiFi SYSTEM SONOS Need a new computer? Ask us... 151 MAIN ST, BAIRNSDALE | PH: 5152 5961 | WWW.POTTEDPEAR.COM.AU BAIRNSDALE WHEN YOU MENT ION SHOP LOCAL AT THE COUNTER REC I EVE 10% OFF* T’s & C’s Apply. 10% off per purchase valid for all of August STIMULATE THE LOCAL ECONOMY Why Shop Local Spending your money locally keeps the money local, creating economic stimulus for your local businesses. Don’t send your money out of town.

11 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 BAIRNSDALE 26 DALMAHOY ST, BAIRNSDALE 5152 6444 LAKES ENTRANCE 58 CHURCH ST, LAKES ENTRANCE 5155 3188 Locally Owned & Operated 59 Macleod St, Bairnsdale Ph: 5152 3377 Bairnsdale Paint Centre See Lindsay, Ang and Brian for all your painting advice and colour matching. Worth doing,Worth Dulux 1, 2, 3, 4 - SHOP AT MULTIPLE Why Shop Local The benefit of small towns is the central business district is often quite small and often a morning or afternoon walk can see you visit multiple local businesses and buying local. 5152 3177 QUALITY MENS BARBERING AND BEARD MAINTENANCE 54B Service Street Bairnsdale Inside Style&Co NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED FIND US ON

12 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 15 Bailey Str eet, Bairnsda le Mon – Sat fr om 9am House Britches of B t e Women's Fas hion Boutiqu e EN4804 • Clothing • Bags • Belts • Jew ellery Gift Certicates Avail able STYLE, QUA LITY & VALU E 6X4 PRINTS 5cc yeatesphotos.com.au JAMES YEATES PHOTO LAB ONLINE ORDERS ONLY - NOT AVAILABLE INSTORE Pick up instore at Bairnsdale, Lakes or Orbost. Maximum 100 prints. Offer ends August 31st L CAL EastGippsland Shop Spend over $20 at one of these participating businesses and you could WIN! Simply by shopping local whispers WINTER NIGHTWEAR! • Lgerie • Swimwe • Girls & teens Seafolly Swimwe 23 Service Street, Bairnsdale - 03 5152 4411 Winners Announced weekly! Lucky dip vouchers Bairnsdale Specsavers - $100 Bairnsdale Paint Place - $75 Bairnsdale Bearings - $75 House of Britches - $75 Style & Co - $75 Potted Pear - $75 Gippsland White Smiles - $50 TerryWhite Chemmart- $50 Whispers Lingerie -$50 James Yeates Photolab $50 Leading Edge Computers - $50 Mitchell River Tavern - $25 Autobarn - $25 The Book Orchard - $25 Todd Plumbing - $25 Bairnsdale Tattslotto -$25 Lakes Entrance Forget Me Not Studios - $75 The Yellow Door Garden Centre - $50 Frolic Lifestyle by the Sea - $50 Wyanga Winery - $50

13 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 357 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance Phone: 0351 553 521 Email: forget.me.not.lakes@gmail.com Fresh flowers with impact Weddings, Celebrations, Sympathy & Corporate Hampers, plants & gifts Workshops, Delivery Service Australia Wide Order online, instore, over the phone or click & collect BRING THIS AD IN AND RECIEVE 10% OFF YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS Wine, Dine & Relax 248 Baades Rd, Lakes Entrance | www.wyangapark.com | 5155 1508 • Brunch & Lunch • Wine Tastings • Mexican Dinners • Cruises Wed & Sat • Free RV & Caravan Sites • Delicious Cocktails EN4942 Concentrating on beautiful natural clothing fibres from around the world. Amazing range of seaside inspired gifts & decor! Afordable Quality! 5155 5333 | 28 Myer Street, Lakes Entrance Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm Saturday: 10am - 2pm Open 7 Days a Week Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm | Sat - Sun: 9am - 3pm 8 Roadknight St, Lakes Entrance GARDEN CENTRE • We stock an amazing range of products to assist you in having the healthiest and best looking plants • We stock beautiful handmade pieces from Africa • We offer gift wrapping • Beautiful indoor and outdoor plants • Amazing range of Homewares available EN4807 L CAL EastGippsland Shop in LAKES ENTRANCE

14 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 MITCHELL RIVER MITCHELL RIVER PRINCES HWY MAIN ST BAIRNSDALE-PAYNESVILLE RD PAYNESVILLE RD PRINCES HWY PRINCES HWY DALMAHOY ST MACLEOD ST MACLEOD ST NDERSON ST ST GOOLD ST GOOLD ST ALLACE ST DAWSON ST LIGAR ST GRANT ST MCCULLOCH ST NICHOLSON ST FRANCIS ST FRANCIS ST PEARSON ST PEARSON ST TURNBULL ST SERVICE ST SERVICE ST BAILEY ST RIVERINE ST RIVERINE ST LIGAR ST MP HILL Business DIRECTORY 12 2 1 4 5 6 7 8 3 9 10 11 13 15 14 Shop L CAL EastGippsland 1 Mitchell River Tavern Ph: 5152 4030 59 Main St, Bairnsdale known for it's service, food and accomodation. See page 9. 2 Leading Edge Computers Ph: 5152 5636 137 Main St, Bairnsdale Local IT store supporting the Bairnsdale and local community. See page 10. 3 Potted Pear Ph: 5152 5961 151 Main Sreet, Bairnsdale Flowers, plants, soaps, clothing and much more. See page 10. 4 The Book Orchard Ph: 5152 5181 166 Main St, Bairnsdale Books, Books and more Books. See page 8. 5 Autobarn Ph: 5153 0777 209 Main St, Bairnsdale Whatever you need for your car, truck or bike, you’ll find it at Autobarn Bairnsdale. See page 9. 6 Bairnsdale Tattslotto Ph: 5152 5052 2 Bailey St, Bairnsdale Great gift ideas, Lotto Tickets and more. See page 10. 7 House of Britches Ph: 0455 547 473 15 Bailey St, Bairnsdale Style, Quality and Value. See page 12. 8 Specsavers Ph: 5153 2333 23 Bailey St, Bairnsdale Glasses, contact lenses, eye tests, sunglasses & eye care services. See page 8. 9 Whispers Lingerie Ph: 5152 4411 23 Service St, Bairnsdale Lingerie, swimwear and nightwear. See page 12. 10 Style & Co. Ph: 5152 3177 54b Service St, Bairnsdale Quality mens barbering & beard maintenance. See page 11. 11 Bairnsdale Paint Centre Ph: 5152 3377 59 Macleod St, Bairnsdale See Lindsday, Ang and Brian for all your painting advice & Colour Matching. See page 11. 12 James Yeates Printing Ph: 5150 2300 65 Macleod St, Bairnsdale Full service media group providing print and digital solutions. See page 12. 13 Todd Plumbing Ph: 5152 6444 26 Dalmahoy St, Bairnsdale Locally owned & operated, Todd Plumbing Supplies is your one stop plumbing shop. See page 11. 14 Terry White Chemmart Ph: 5152 6945 8/30 Howitt Avenue Eastwood Village Shopping Centre, Bairnsdale high quality, accessible and cost-effective pharmacy solutions See page 8. 15 Bairnsdale Bearings Tools and Industrial Ph: 5152 1580 1 Rovan Pl, Bairnsdale Your one stop shop for bearings, tools and industrial supplies. See page 10. 16 Gippsland White Smiles Ph: 0481 189 311 Mobile Service Mobile In-chair Teeth Whitening See page 9. Not every local business is promoting itself in Shop Local East Gippsland, it is important to support all local businesses across our region! Although

15 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Australia has a rich Opal history and some of the world's finest are found in our remarkable , rugged landscapes. Often tons of earth are dug out just to find a few small opals in hot, dusty dangerous conditions that sap the resolve of all but the most determined hunters. Glenn from Curtis Australia first visited Coober Pedy in 1975, since then he has worked with many opals and has a great deal of knowledge he'll happily share with you when it comes to choosing your unique gem. Curtis Australia has a vast selection of opals from which you can select. Ranging from boulder opals (found in ironstone boulders) which have stunning flashes of colour and Andamooka opals with rainbow colours. Crystal opals are considered to be among the finest found, and can be 'black' or coloured showing harlequin colours in vibrant blues, greens to gold, orange and pink sometimes even red. White milky opals often have the same flashes as black opal although the effect is more subtle. You need to choose your opal in the daytime, so you can really gauge the colour, character and iridescence of your chosen gem. No two opals are ever the same, each one is unique which makes them so very special. You're invited to visit our unique working studio, where our artisans can be seen crafting the original designs we have on display in our showroom. Everything you'll see is an original made by Curtis Australia here in Bairnsdale. Beautiful one of a kind opal jewellery that's ready to wear – or you could even choose your own unique opal and combine it with diamonds or other gems to create something spectacular to suit you. A striking white opal pendant overlaid with diamonds from our Beach Collection This organic yellow gold pendant has a black opal at its heart This white opal surrounded in yellow gold to form a beautiful ring This stunning opal ring from our hand crafted Myst Collection An intruiging abstract opal set in a yellow gold ring An unusual triangular white opal edged in yellow gold and highlighted wth diamonds Australia's treasures – right on your doorstep

16 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Get the heart pumping Check out Victoria’s deepest gorge for some breathtaking views, only a onehour drive from Buchan. The incredible Little River Gorge, at four kilometres in length and more than 500 metres deep, offers widespread views over the cliff-tops. You can also seeWulgulmerang Creek, which plunges 300 metres from its partially hidden place deep in the gorge. In this area mountains have been worn down and dissected by weathering and the constant action of flowing water, including the Snowy River which has been carving out its present course for more than 20 million years. All this activity has created the shape of the land you see today. Geology, landform and climate play important roles in determining flora and fauna. The variety of combinations of these elements in Snowy River National Park has resulted in a spectacular diversity of plants and animals. A large number of vegetation communities occur in the park, including warm temperate rainforest and rainshadow woodland. This diversity is reflected in the fauna which includes more than 30 mammal species, ranging from common wombats and kangaroos to the rare Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby and about 150 species of birds, as well as reptiles, amphibians, insects and other invertebrates. If waterfalls are more your thing, head to the beautiful Little River Falls, which are composed of two areas. Right next to the picnic area are some small falls in the form of cascades. There are lots of cascades when the water is running, although you can see the falls from the road you will need to do a little bit of rock hopping to get close to them. Some people think these are the main falls. However, there is a short walk to the most spectacular part of the falls. To start the walk you will need to walk back along the road and across the bridge. Once you cross the bridge you will see another sign and a path to your left. There is a 400m walking path, with a short steep set of stairs, to the top of the falls with a viewing platform. From here you can see the big drop of the falls from a distance. HOWTO GET THERE Little River Falls is approximately 60km north of Buchan. Take the Gelantipy Road from Buchan, then proceed along McKillops Road to the falls, which are 200m past Milky Creek Track. The Little River Gorge is about 2.5km further along McKillops Road. 21 Wood Steet, Bairnsdale Phone: 03 5152 2100 C theoldgrainstorebdale TUESDAY - FRIDAY 10.30AM - 2.30PM 5.30PM - LATE SATURDAY 9.30AM - 2.00PM 5.30PM - LATE SUNDAY 5.30PM - 9.00PM DINE IN TUESDAY - SATURDAY 5.30PM - 8.00PM DELIVERY & TAKEAWAY FREE COURTESY BUS AVAILABLE EN2945 WE are STRONGER TOGETHER Drought, fires and now COVID - it’s messed with the mental wellbeing of everybody in Gippsland. We’ll all do much better when we start talking and connecting to friends, family and community. For ideas and support go to connect-well.com.au

17 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 racv.com.au/solar 1300 447 765 For quality solar in East Gippsland, call RACV Solar. If you’re thinking of getting solar or battery storage talk to the team at RACV Solar. You won’t just get some of the most knowledgable advice in the region, you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind. After all, RACV has been helping Victorians for 117 years. So you can be sure that whatever the future holds, we’ll be there to look after you for the life of your system. Call us or say hello at our showroom at 35 Payne St, Bairnsdale. Hot water heat pumps Solar and battery storage Electric vehicle charging solutions Heating and cooling EN1334

18 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Ben Taylor Bairnsdale Bearings is a family owned, local industrial supplier with a difference. We genuinely care and we deal exclusively in quality products. The team at Bairnsdale Bearings have a vast knowledge of our products and stock to ensure that you get the right advice and best equipment first time. Whether you need bearings, vee belts, tools, stainless fasteners, welding supplies... or anything else to keep your workshop or plant operating, chances are that we have it in stock. Your one stop shop for bearings, tools and industrial supplies. Specialising in all forms of bearings and stocking your favourite brands. Come down to 1 Rovan Place Bairnsdale or give us a call on 5152 1580 www.bairnsdalebearings.com.au Find us on Facebook Kyle Batt We are a family owned business specialising in all aspects of vegetation management. Whether you’re a residential customer, government or utility supplier we have you covered. Our competitive rates, focus on safety, and drive for quality, will have your work completed on time and on budget. Certied for quality, safety and environment ❱ Tree Pruning & Removals ❱ Slashing ❱ Weed Management ❱ Forestry Mulching Prompt &Professional tree Services. Get a free quote today, ca11 1300 BAT BRO Find out more: www.battbrothers.com Email us: kyle@battbrothers.com Chris Stecker Chris and Amanda enjoy working closely with the customer to ensure their home or business is free from flies, mosquitoes and spiders. Our product is eco-friendly, which ensures protection for your family and friends all whilst minimising the impact on the environment. • Servicing East Gippsland for over 25 years. Locally owned & operated. • Eco friendly and biodegradable – safe for the whole family. Specialising in flies, spiders &mosquitos. We also treat rodents, cockroaches, ants, wasps & bees and other pests. CONTACT CHRIS & AMANDA Ph: 0404 530 369 E: flycogippsland@outlook.comC FlyCo Gippsland John Ioakim Get all the timber, building supplies and hardware you need! We recently opened The Lakes Timber & Building Supplies in 2016 and already love serving our neighbours and guests. Come visit us in Lakes Entrance and we will help you find the supplies you need. TIMBER & BUILDING SUPPLIES HARDWARE The Lakes For all your timber, hardware, painting & gardening supplies. Open Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm | Sat: 8am-1pm 5-7 Stock Street, Lakes Entrance | Ph: 5155 1702 Come and see us in Lakes Entrance Adrian Chila This fantastic Bairnsdale team is guided by a leadership group who lead by example to meet and exceed the longstanding Dahlsens culture of customer excellence. The family-owned and operated business is led by fifth generation Dahlsens, who strongly believe in delivering excellence and adding value in everything they do. MON - FRI 7.00AM - 5.00PM SATURDAY 8.00AM - 12.00PM 19 Dalmahoy St, Bairnsdale BAIRNSDALE Leroi Tupou Sales Come and see our range of wood fired heaters, cookers and gas log fires on display and we will help you make the perfect choice for your home. We also stock a huge range of spare parts and accessories. Sales | Service | Flue Cleans | Installations | Reconditioning | Hearths Accessories | BBQs | Solar Panel Kits | Mains & Low Pressure Hot Water 5152 2019 | Showroom: 257 Great Alpine Road Bairnsdale info@bairnsdalestovesheaters.com.au |www.bairnsdalestovesheaters.com.au A local family run business for over 44 years

19 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Rob Rawlings Solahart East Gippsland is a locally owned and operated business, specialising in solar hot water, solar power and battery storage. Call in and talk to Rob or John today and take control of your energy. EN2312 FOR SWITCHING TO SOLAHART HOT WATER SMART REASONS 500 THE SMART MONEY IS ON SOLAHART Solahart East Gippsland 1/3 Carpenter St, Lakes Entrance Ph: 1300 724 460 LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Paul Hadden Riviera Concrete are a locally owned and operated provider of all pre-mixed concrete supply needs to your concreting project. We have local experienced people whom can assist with technical advice on pre-mixed concrete. EN2647 171 Bosworth Road, Bairnsdale sales@rivieraconcrete.com.au 0457 001 077 FOR ALL YOUR CONCRETE SUPPLY NEEDS WITHIN BAIRNSDALE & SURROUNDS OPEN MONDAY - SATURDAY Matt Arnold Advertising Consultant Qualified print machinest and a degree in marketing, with nearly 10 years experience in the printing industry. For all your print and advertising needs, call Matt for a chat on 0429 573 977 Be apart of our of the Call Matt for a Chat! 0429 573 977 Brett & Michael At Lakes Entrance Glass and Glazing Pty Ltd (LEGG) our outstanding reputation for personalised service and high quality products has been the hallmark of our success. With a combined experience of over 55 years our extensive knowledge allows any aluminium window and door design possible, all on-site at our Lakes Entrance factory. Try us for your next window and door order! LEGG.COM.AU (03) 5155 3477 Jacob Brewer Whether it is privacy screens, garden art, fire pits or a stencil of your logo, speak to Jacob today about your requirements, we provide precision laser cutting and fabrication services in Lakes Entrance and East Gippsland wide. Address: 45 Whiters St, Lakes Entrance Phone: 0429 851 287 Email: sales@mjblaster.com.au Web: www.mjblaser.com.au FIRE PITS GARDEN ART PRIVACY SCREENS

20 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 GeezerS bringingThe Goon Show For three frantic weeks in August, a gang of East Gippsland performers will be delighting local audiences with a revived version of a show that has probably never been performed in the region before: the classic BBC radio comedy, The Goon Show. Once upon a time – before Monty Python, The Young Ones, The Goodies, and every other madcap British TV comedy show – there was radio, and there was The Goon Show. For more than a decade from 1951 the weekly show’s three stars – Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe – redefined what comedy was all about, and in the process laid the foundations for every anarchic comedy show that has followed, right up to the present day. Early this year, retired Metung drama teacher, film writer and producer and Goon Show tragic Peter Cox went looking for like-minded individuals to breathe new life into the original Goon Show scripts. He discovered a host of talented performers, and promptly formed EGGS (East Gippsland GeezerS), a loose collection of performance artists keen to perform a range of shows in small venues throughout the region. EGGS’ first outing will be The Goon Show, being performed at five different venues over three weekends in August. “We’ve deliberately chosen intimate venues for our six performances,” Peter said, “as that’s the atmosphere in which the original radio shows would have been created – in a cramped BBS studio with a small but enthusiastic audience. It’s how The Goon Show works best.” It means a punishing schedule for the five team members – Peter Cox, local actors Tony Porter, Peter Martignoles and John Benton, and pianist/sound effects man Chris Bischoff – but they’re hopeful it will pay off with support from the local communities in which they perform the one-hour-plus show. “The Goon Show is based on one of the original team’s best-loved episodes, The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler,” Peter said, “but we’ve extended it from the original 30 minutes to an hour with some excerpts from other scripts, as well as throwing in a handful of The Goons’ most famous nonsense songs.” Anyone over ‘a certain age’ will recall such song titles as I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas, Bluebottle Blues, and the evergreen Ying Tong Song – and those who don’t will delight in the complete absence of logic in those and other songs included in the new show. Newcomers to The Goons will also be introduced to famous characters such as Neddy Seagoon, Eccles, Bluebottle, Major Bloodnok and many more. A prologue to the show will feature, for the uninitiated, a brief history of The Goons and the characters, as well as some conventional 1950s hits. “We have more than a dozen characters to present,” Peter said, “and just like the original radio shows we’ll have to convey each one with a different voice – but we’ll also be doing a quick-change routine with hats, to help the 21st century audience keep track - or not. Be warned, it could be chaos.” The EGGS team will be touring The Goon Show from August 5 to 26, at the Swan Reach Hall (Aug 5/6), Metung RSL (Aug 12), Wyanga Park Winery (Aug 19), Bruthen Mechanics’ Hall (Aug 20), and Bairnsdale Golf Club (Aug 26). The Wyanga Park Winery and Bairnsdale Golf Club shows will include meals in the ticket prices. Booking information about The Goon Show is available at the various venues, or via the EGGS Facebook page. East Gippsland GeezerS take to the stage with The Goon Show this month ASPHALTING & BITUMEN SEALING CRANES EST. 1975 - CELEBRATING 40 YEARS 90 McMillan Street, Bairnsdale P: 5152 2941 | F: 5153 1625 admin@cranesasphalting.com.au www.cranesasphalting.com.au FULL CONSTRUCTION OF: • Tennis Courts • Carparks • Subdivisions • Driveways • Asphalting • Civil Construction Supply a range of quality quarry product • A Grade Sealing Aggregates • Rock Dust • Plumbers & Drainage Aggregates • Crushed Rock • Ballast • Spalls DELIVERY AVAILABLE Servicing the High Country,Alpine, TamboValley, Omeo & Districts 0402 052 052 admin@easternquarries.com.au 145 Bung Bung Lane, Benambra www.easternquarries.com.au EAST GIPPSLAND TRAFFIC CONTROL Benambra P: 5152 1902 87 McMillan Street, Bairnsdale sales@easternasphalt.com.au Servicing East Gippsland • Range of different mixes • Vic Roads and NATA tested • Asphalt deliveries

21 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 If you're looking or something to do in East Gippsland through the colder months, check out some amazing forest scenery on the McKenzie River rainforest walk. Located in the Bemm River Scenic Reserve, the walk is a one-kilometre loop and consists of boardwalks and two swing bridges over the picturesque McKenzie River, providing visitors with the opportunity to view the magnificent surrounding riparian forest within the canopy. It takes about 45 minutes to complete at a relaxed pace. Some parts of the walk feature brandnew footbridges after a number burnt down in the Black Summer Bushfires. The walk will introduce you to East Gippsland's warm temperate rainforest, where you can find out what plants live there and how they survive, as well as the other inhabitants which thrive in this unique type of rainforest. The rainforest walk was first constructed in the 1980s as part of the National Rainforest Conservation Program. The walking track, timber boardwalk and swing bridges were installed by the 24th Squadron Army, who worked tirelessly to cart materials to the site. Camping is not permitted in the reserve, although facilities are located in Cann River, Orbost and Bemm River. Welcome to the rainforest Professional Dog Groomer special ising in smal l to medium dogs! WE ARE OPENING IN LAKES ENTRANCE! Cal l Jul ianne today on 0433 862 374 • Appointment only • 7 days a week EN4755 Rosies Clips IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO BE GREAT. EAST GIPPSLAND BUSINESS LEADERS SEMINAR Proudly presented by Too many small businesses lack sales because their marketing lacks impact. Don’t miss this 50 minute workshop presented by respected marketing expert Damian Morgan. Attendance is free but reservations essential. Call 5150 2300. Being great at what you do is only a good start in business. The next step is convincing customers. Date: Wednesday, August 17 Time: 5:30pm Venue: Bairnsdale RSL, 2 Forge Creek Road, Bairnsdale Date: Thursday, August 18 Time: 5:30pm Venue: The Central Hotel, 321 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance Bairnsdale Presentation Lakes Entrance Presentation Date: Thursday, August 18 Time: 10:30am Venue: Bairnsdale RSL, 2 Forge Creek Road, Bairnsdale

22 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 The Lakes Bowls Club offers an all-day café, bistro, sports bar, full TAB and Keno facilities, indoor kids playspace, weekend local courtesy bus and two world class artificial bowling greens. Winner of Community Clubs Victoria Regional Club of the Year. Cnr. Rowe & Bulmer Streets, Lakes Entrance 5155 3578 From 10am 7 days a week Lakes Entrance Bowls Club 929 Princes Highway, Nicholson 5156 8250 Bistro: 5156 866 Open 7 days a week The Nicholson Hotel Bistro provides traditional Australian and Chinese meals, all prepared with the finest local ingredients. Dine overlooking the Nicholson River and the old wooden railway bridge. Take Away is available - ring 5156 8250. Check out the menus in advance, visit our website www.thenicholsonhotel.com/bistro The Nicholson Hotel Bistro We offer casual, no pressure wine tasting, honest, heart warming, comfort food and a relaxed, rustic bush setting. Perfect for lazy lunches, cheeky afternoon wines, weddings, Christmas parties or even a leisurely cruise. 248 Baades Road, Lakes Entrance 5155 1508 Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm | Sun: 9am - 4pm Wyanga Park Winery Gateway to East Gippsland. Krakkerjack bistro. Great meals and club prices. 3 bowling greens. 4 croquet lawns. Friday night raffles. Visitors welcome. Corner of Grant & Pearson Streets, Bairnsdale 5152 3796 Lunch Monday - Sunday 12pm - 2pm, Dinner Monday - Saturday 6pm - 8pm Bairnsdale Bowls Club “The Pink Truck” located in Orbost known for their signature butter chicken and swedish meatballs. Also serving up bubble teas and iced coffees, and loads of baked creations - made to order. Menu changes regularly Orbost and onwards Ph - 0407 871 590 Flexible Flava Blast Foodz Tradies Food and Catering is a small, local, family-owned and operated business in the top end of Bairnsdale. Offering a large range of delicious foods with a drive thru service, sit in or takeaway. 106 Bosworth Road, Bairnsdale (03) 5152 5618 Mon – Fri from 5am to 3pm Tradies Food & Catering TRADIES Food and catering TAKE AWAY Fresh seasonal producie featuring Indigenous flavours. Experience our culture. Drop in for a yarn and a feed, wander through the Aboriginal Art Gallery and take in the quite bush atmosphere. Forestec, 27 Scriveners Road, Kalimna West www.gunaikurnai.org | www.facebook.com/glawac Open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 2.30pm Bush Café & Aboriginal Art Gallery Having the Lakes Entrance fishing fleet as your neighbours means there is never a shortage of fresh seafood. The menu is all about supporting his local community but also showcasing what this amazing region has to offer. Think Nostalgic charm meets modern classics. Middle Boat Harbour, The Esplanade, Lakes Entrance reservations@sodafish.com.au Open 7 days | 12noon - 9:00pm Sodafish Experience our classic Australian cuisine with modern flair in our stylish family-friendly bistro. Enjoy our Bistro & Bar, Sports Bar, Entertainment and more. Bonus: To get a free coffee, mention FoodMood! * With a meal, 1 per person, per day. 117 Great Alpine Road, Lucknow 03 5152 5242 7 Days for lunch & dinner, venue open from 10am Champions Family Bistro at BSCC TODAY’S

23 East Gippsland News Now | August 2022 Shop 8/30 Howitt Avenue, Eastwood 0483 148 964 Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 10am - 1pm A happy place where a person can step back into their childhood, when the sight of a single lolly sparks a hundred precious memories. Traditional and modern flavours. Eastwood Lolli Empori-Yum Take a step back into your childhood when you walk into the Eastwood Lolli Empori-Yum. The business was established back in 2016 and started out with a small range of pick and mix products. Their popularity quickly became evident, with customers coming by regularly for their favourites. To address customers’ requests for different sweet treats, their product range grew considerably, and now offer up to 200 varieties to choose from. Among their lolly range, the Empori-Yum sells a range of licorice products, including Dutch licorice, as well as chocolate-coated treats, rocky road and truffle bars. There's plenty on offer for kids and the kid at heart, too. It's the place to find Nerds, Gobstoppers, Gumballs and an amazing range of all things sour. And if you can't decide, there's ready-made bags of mixed lollies on offer. If you're after something while on the road, there's a variety of boiled lollies in jars along with travel treats in tins. The Eastwood Lolli Empori-Yum doesn't just cater to those with a sweet tooth, they also stock a range of products from the Laughing Pug Coffee Company, and T2 Tea which pair perfectly with a spectacular range of mugs and gift ware. But if savouries are more your thing, they stock a variety of chutneys, pickles, relishes, jams, and more from Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods. Get a sugar rush