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M514892D BAIRNSDALE LAKES ENTRANCE MOBIL SERVICE STATION MITCHELL RIVER TAVERN FREE LOLLIES FOR KIDS! FREE TREATS FOR DOGS! MAIN STREET WE ARE HERE CROISSANTS TOASTIES COFFEE BAIRNSDALE’S BEST DRIVE-THRU COFFEE SHOP - OPEN 7 DAYS, 6AM - MIDDAY EastGippslandNewsNow |April 2021 18 The Gippsland Lakes have always been a fishery that has adapted and changed over the years. Without a doubt the removal of commercial netting and a COVID-enforced fishing ban have been a major boost to the fishery. Within a year and half the lake system has improved rapidly and areas commonly not fished and thought of as wastelands have become some of the best areas to hook a catch. The lower lakes in areas fromMetung to Lakes Entrance have been extremely busy. The King George whiting have been crazy - it’s been the best whiting season for many years, with bagging out a common sight for many anglers, and this news has spread rapidly with our local boat ramps being full on a weekdays, let alone the weekends. From Lakes Entrance to Loch Sport, King George whiting have become a regular catch by both land-based and boat anglers. The many weed beds around Fraser Island and Rigby Island have been highly popular with more than 30 anglers a common sight on these popular flats. With all this extra pressure on the flats anglers have spread out finding new grounds, surprisingly as far as Loch Sport, with some whiting reaching up to 4 0cm. With the rapid improvement in the fishery, its important recreational anglers are responsible. Now the weather is cooling and the days shortening, the fishery will see further changes. Cash in on the King George whiting while you can. KingGeorgemakes presence felt