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T here are more than 4500 house fires in Victoria every year. T hese fires result in property damage , injuries and even sometimes death . On average , up to 20 Victorians are killed in preventable house fires each year . T he leading causes of house fires include leaving cooking unattended , faulty electrical wiring , appliances and heating related fires . CF A can arrange a trained CF A facilitator to attend your local community , sports or activity group meeting to provide a free education session with valuable residential fire safety information . T he session runs for approximately one hour and is delivered to your group , at your location , at a date and time convenient to you . T here is no limit on group sizes , everyone is welcome . Each session begins with a general discussion on house fires , including ignition and participants are welcome to share their personal experiences . Participants then take part in an activity to consider the fire risks that may occur in different rooms of the house and steps they can take to minimise these risks . T o find out more information or to book a session for your group please contact CF A on email firesafetyoutreach @ cfa . vic . gov . au or phone 0419 874 484 . CFA reduce the risk program EastGippslandNewsNow |June2021 22