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H O L I D A Y WIN V O U C H E R S EDITION 9 | September 2021 P R I N T E D P U B L I S H E D & P R ODU C E D LOC A L LY A loveof the cold, raw landscapeof Lakes Entrance, a creative, artistic flair andanatural talent for teachinghave intertwined inNephelle Watts, whohas openedan art studio in anold fuel station in town. It’s not just the front-of-house art gallery, which will no doubt draw you in with its collection of Bass Strait coastline-inspired artworks, but there is also a studio and store within. Nephelle, 30, grewup in the beautiful seaside town of Lakes Entrance and now lives in Lake Tyers Beach. Her business, The Saltwater Creative Co, is in Lakes at 66 Marine Parade, which Nephelle fondly refers to as ‘Sunny on 66’. “We get sun all day long with the most beautiful view,”she says. “It’s perfect for sipping pink champagne, eating cheese and creating something beautiful.” Nephelle started teaching art classes three years ago but only stepped into her creative business full time in March, 2020. She runs art classes and privateworkshops, with one of themost popular classes the two-hour Art Fridays, which explore a different craft each week. As an artist, Nephelle believes in the beauty of imperfection and admits an unconventional approach to art. “Saltwater is my inspiration,”she says. “I come from a fishing family and growing up we were always out taking advantage of the beautiful lake systemwe have. “I walk the beach everymorning, themajority of my artwork is of the ocean and it’s where I go to find my centre.” In each piece she tries to capture“that saltymagic”and also takes commissions. Nephelle runs an after-school art program, and has a school holiday program planned, along with regular resin art workshops and life drawing. She also hosts parties for all things creative, complete with grazing platters, for birthdays, hen’s nights and Christmas, offering the added bonus of upgrading to a cocktail menu. For those a little timid about signing up for a class, Nephelle is very encouraging saying“less than zero experience is needed” to partake in her workshops. Thebeautyof imperfection It’s perfect for sipping pink champagne, eating cheese and creating something beautiful.