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H O L I D A Y WIN V O U C H E R S T here is plenty that comes to mind when you think of Dinner Plain in winter. From the unique mountain architecture to the native snowgums that line the streets, even the homely environment of warming by a wood fire as the snowpiles up outside. One undeniably iconic element is the snow dogs, an ever-present sight at Australia’s only alpine village to completely welcome visitors with their pets. It stands to reason that the nation’s longest running sled dog event is held at Dinner Plain, and is back once again in 2021. The Dinner Plain Sled Dog Sprint is a winter showstopper, a weekend where people come from far and wide to take part in the unique atmosphere. Most years it attracts more than 100 dogs and teams, mostly Siberian Huskies and AlaskanMalamutes. Since its first race in 1994, the event hosted an unbroken run of 26 years until 2020 and COVID-19 broke the streak. Twelve months on, Dinner Plain is ready to bring back the classic event to its snowy trails on August 14-15. It’s been locked in and a new organising committee is excited to bring some new elements to the format. On the cards are more meet and greet opportunities (because everyone loves to cuddle a husky!) and a unique skijoring category combining cross country skiers with sled dogs. The spectacle is worth the trip alone but there’s also fun to be had by taking part yourself. Dinner Plain is home base for Howling Husky Sled Dog Tours, giving the opportunity to ride with your own dog sled team. Racing through the alpine snowgums is definitely one to chalk up on the must-do list. There hasn’t been a winter as eagerly anticipated as 2021. With 2020 now in the past, locals and visitors alike can’t wait to get back to the business of enjoying the Australian snow. To kick off the seasonwith a bang, Dinner Plain’s Queen’s Birthday festivities will be headlined on Saturday, June 12 with a grand fireworks display and outdoor snow party, hosted by none other than resident party-starter, DJ Eddy. While properties are booking up quickly, you can still get a great spot locked in before winter gets too close. Check out the Visit Dinner Plain website to see about the accommodation options on offer, and see what you need to know about taking your own dog to the snow this winter season. More on snow season pages 9 - 13 Snowseasonarrives P R I N T E D P U B L I S H E D & P R ODU C E D LOC A L LY EDITION 6 | June 2021 Photo: Nathan Fenton